Marty Schmidt — 2nd dispatch from Gasherbrum, Pakistan

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From: Marty Schmidt
Sent: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 5:59 AM
To: yuri
Subject: Marty Schmidt - 2nd dispatch from Gasherbrum, Pakistan

Today is the 18th of June 2010. Our cargo comes in from Karachi and Islamabad today... Tim and Giannina are off sight seeing while I am finishing up the last details with our gear and food and packing the gear into 25kg loads for our porters. No yaks, donkeys, camels, mules, horses, etc in this part of the world for portering our gear to BC, only the Balti porters can do this job and they are so good at it.

Looking forward to our 9-10 hour jeep ride early in the morning, leaving Skardu at 0600 hours. So much looking forward to our 10 day trek into BC. We will travel through the real Balti land and its people will be all around us. We will call in with the sat phone for a few dispatches along the way to let all know that we are fine and working hard to acclimatize for going to our high camps. There is plenty of winter snow this year from the Baltoro glacier to Gasherbrum base camp. The route will reveil itself to us when we get closer to G 1 and 2.

Thinking of everyone who is following us on this grand journey into the heart of the Karakoram mountains of Paksitan and sending our best to you all.

Cheers, Marty, Tim and Giannina.

P.S. А где-то там же сейчас наши красавицы Аня и Марина. Интересно, пересеклись?

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