Новости от Марти из Пакистана

Dispatch 5

Hello everyone following Tim and Marty and Giannina up here in Pakistan.

At G1 Base camp, we arrived a couple of days ago and established it, it’s a beautiful site and everything is up and running and feeling comfortable, good food and everything is clicking. Just had a Puja with some of the Sherpas today and several teams are going up to Camp 1 tomorrow. We’re going to be on the mountain for about 3 days and letting you know that we’re going through the glacier and the icefall and get up to Camp 1… and maybe even push up to Camp 2 just to see what it’s like up there, and then get down to Camp 1 and sleep at least a couple of nights at Camp 1 and then get down to Base Camp before it storms on the 1 July. So that’s our game plan…
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