Статья в Daily Mail: продолжение истории

Статья Севастополь — мировая столица абсурда вызвала живое обсуждение на сайте The Daily Mail. Было очень много комментариев в поддержку автора статьи.

Вот текст моего комментария:

I live in Sevastopol and confirm that the article accurately reflects our current situation. Historically, our city was built as the base for Russian fleet. Until 1991 it was not considered as part of the Ukraine. Legislation since then attempted to prevent Ukrainians using Russian freely whether we liked it or not! When my younger brother Pavel, (named after our grandfather, a Russian navy officer), applied for a passport, he received a Ukrainian passport with his name changed to «Pavlo». Thousands of other people with names like Vladimir, Nikolay, Dmitry, Elena, etc. are now Volodymyr, Mykola, Dmytro, Olena and so on.

Our children are taught at school that Ukrainians who served in Waffen SS division, Galichina are «Heroes of Ukraine».

Despite the fact that 99% of the Crimean population are Russian-speakers, all official correspondence, book-keeping system, cinemas, road signs, 90% of TV (and even adverts) are only in Ukrainian. Russian is banned even though there are over 20 million Russian speakers living in Ukraine!

Even Higher education was subject to this legislation. Thankfully, many Russian Universities opened subsidiaries in Sevastopol — otherwise higher education would be denied to many.

In order to promote the Ukrainian language the previous Government attempted to prevent people using Russian. Essentially, this tact crippled the Ukraine making it uncompetitive internationally.

Thankfully, the Nationalists are now history and the new Government is making the first tentative steps towards removing such language discrimination.

Через несколько минут после его публикации ВСЕ комментарии были удалены. Видимо я наступил на нерв консервативной газеты англо-саксов правого крыла.

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